Danni's Herbalife Story

Danni (Daniel Armstrong from TOWIE) felt uncomfortable in her body especially when she saw the new girls come onto the show who were skinnier.  Danni was re assured by her friends and fellow TOWIE members that she was lovely how she was and she is just curvy.

Danni was papped one day on holiday around a pool and when she saw the photos she sobbed in her room.  She said she felt the worst she had ever felt :(   What made her feel worse was the social media comments, comments telling her she was a fat mess, She looks disgusting, Look at her Cellulite.  From that moment Danni admits that it was time to be honest with herself, she just wasn't happy.  Dannis relationship was not good and she was in a rut, drinking allot at the weekends, eating badly, skipping meals, binge eating late at night.

Danni got in contact with her Friend Dan who got her on the Herbalife products.  Within just a few weeks Danni was feeling great.  She wasn't feeling hungry because the shakes were filling, Her energy levels shot up.  The icing on the cake for Danni was that everyone was approaching her telling her she looked like she had lost weight.... and this was only after a few weeks.

Danni shares a photo before and after getting on the Herbalife plan and she beams with happiness at the difference in the way she just looks in just a matter of weeks.

We are so proud to share Danni's Story and her results.  

Well Done Danni Armstrong, your Herbalife journey is a prime example of how just getting on a Breakfast Plan can change so much in your life.