Strawberry Delight Waffles

Strawberry Delight Waffles


3 scoops of Formula 1 Strawberry Delight

2 eggs

50 ml of milk

2 tbsp fat-free Greek yogurt for topping

6 strawberries, chopped to serve



In a bowl, mix together the Herbalife Formula 1 Strawberry Delight, eggs and milk until you have a smooth batter. Set aside.

Preheat waffle iron and spray with non-stick spray. Once hot, add the protein batter to the iron and cook for 4-5 minutes.

Transfer the waffles on to a serving plate and top with Greek yogurt and chopped strawberries.

Nutritional Values per serving: Calories 336.5, Fat 12.7g, Carbohydrate 23.6g, Sugars 16.7g, Fibre 8.0g, Protein 30.3g